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Ahhh... Boudoir


Celebrate Your Femininity

Today's modern woman has so many roles and responsibilities. What better way to get back in touch with your feminine side than a photo shoot

that celebrates female beauty.

My style is classy and elegant. It celebrates natural body expression and the human form in an artistic way. There are a lot of curves to a woman that makes her a woman; the small of her back, her collar bone, her lips, her feet, the way her hair falls down her shoulders, the side of her hips, and anything else you can imagine. That’s what we’ll give attention to. All the curves that make you, well, you! Beauty that comes from your inner confidence and power. I hear so many women say they are interested in a boudoir shoot as a gift to their husband or boyfriend. Rather than have a boudoir experience for someone else, I say do this for you! Embrace the amazing woman you are.

The woman you are right now!



Know the value

of knowing your value.

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There's a freedom to being yourself...

The Experience

By nature, boudoir photography is very intimate. I'll ensure that you're comfortable at all times and feel gorgeous. I'll guide you through poses so that you never have to worry about where to place your hands or if we're showing "too much". My goal is solely to help you bring out that strong, confident woman and give you some amazing portraits to remember the experience.

I primarily shoot boudoir in black and white. For me, stripping out the color puts all the attention on the woman. Her personality, confidence and bad assness just shines through. Professional hair and makeup will be provided if you'd like to be totally pampered. If you prefer to do your own, no problem.  And don't underestimate the beauty of natural face. This can be very dramatic.

Bring lingerie, a big comfy sweater, simple body suit, vintage slip, your birthday suit or just a white sheet. And don't be afraid to get creative! You're favorite rock band t-shirt with panties, a beautiful bra with a flowing skirt, knee high socks cropped top... whatever makes you feel fabulous! 

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