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Why the "40 Over 40" Project

About a year ago, a photographer pal of mine told me about a movement that was happening across the country - photographing women over 40. Many photographers are doing these projects and I love the idea.

So after the Covid pause and a personally tumultuous year, I've decided that 2023 will be a year celebrating women in this part of our lives. I realized when thinking about my own life, most women by this age are either entering or head deep into such an important part of their lives. They are strong, confident, successful, why couldn't I highlight the beauty of women in their 40s and above? This is my motivation.


I'm working with a fabulous salon near me and they're amazing makeup artists offering camera-ready makeovers, helping clients style their wardrobes, and coaching them through poses during the magazine-style photo session. I'm giving ladies a model-for-a-day expereince. I love finding the beauty in every person that comes in front of my camera, and bringing out that "ah-ha" moment.

But I'm not stopping there... the nosey person in me is also so interested in hearing your stories about your lives and what brought you into your strength and wisdom in your 40s and above. The stories center around answering some simple questions, having you offer words of advice to younger women and sharing your hardships that you may have overcome that had made you stronger. Together, the text and images paint a beautiful tapestry of women from all walks of life, sharing their wisdom - and discovering their beauty and power through the process of participating.


I will start photographing the 2023 Project as 2022 ends. If you would like to participate please read all about the project HERE and then fill out the submission form.

My hope was to have an exhibit after the completion of the 40 Over 40 project – to bring all the women, their friends and family, together to honor and celebrate them.

Come join us for a day you will never forget...and discover yourself in the process!

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