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BACK TO THE ART SHOWS | Woodstock, Ga Fine Art Photographer

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

After over a year of not attending art shows due to Covid, I'm so excited to be getting back out there. While messaging with customers is nice, it doesn't compare with being face to face. When I'm at an art show, I feel like I have my own little art gallery inside my 10x10 tent. I put so much thought into what hangs where, and drive my husband nuts but constantly futzing with the setup. When customers stop in to look at the photographs, ask questions about them... well it's just a totally different experience. Over Labor Day weekend I'll be attending the Marietta Art In the Park and showcasing some of my latest work. The image below, "Sleeping Beauty", received Honorable Mention at the international art show MonoVision Awards. I was beyond thrilled. I love this photo so much. I took this while staying at Kiawah Island for a long weekend. I saw this beauty sleeping in the back of a cove. He (or she) was so peaceful, so beautiful. I kept whispering "please don't move, please don't move" while I got my camera set for the shot. I was hand holding a very heavy lens so I was partly whispering to myself as well to not move too much and not get a clear shot. In the end, everything came together. I was able to get this image, as well as the shot of him waking up. I'll have both images at Marietta Art In the Park.I hope to see you there!

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