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STUDIO WARDROBE | Woodstock, Ga Portrait Photographer

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

A significant part of this incredible portrait experience is your wardrobe. Over the years I have collected an ever growing studio wardrobe of dresses, gowns, jewelry & crowns, scarves and accessories - some of which are included in the pictures below. My clients are welcome to use any of these items during their photo sessions, along with the outfits they bring. And please note that if a dress is a little large or a little small, we can easily clip it, tape it or hide unzipped dresses with angles.

I always ask my clients to plan to bring 4-5 outfits of their own, but if you see anything in the studio closet that you want to include, I’ll have it ready for you to try the day of your shoot.

I know it can be hard to look at items on a hanger and visualize how they'll actually look in portraits. So below is a little sample of items from the studio closet, and in the finished portraits for some of my clients. None of these items fit perfectly, but with a little ingenuity, who will ever know?

Vintage orange sequined dress. Size unknown.

Black strapless stretch jersey gown. Size 6

Black velvet top, size M. Tulle skirt was made by me and will fit any size.

Purple soft tulle gown. Size 6

Corset and tule skirt, one size fits most. Silk top hat and gloves.

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