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YOU ARE ART | Woodstock, Ga Portrait Photographer

Boudoir is so much more than just sexy images in lingerie. It's about empowering women, body acceptance, and embracing femininity. The modern woman of today wants to celebrate her true self, embrace that inner goddess, enjoy feeling confident. This is a woman who wants a boudoir experience for herself. She may enjoy sharing her images with her friends or gifting her images to her partner, but the experience is totally about and for her.

The women below are not models. They're all real women. And most said they weren't photogenic or couldn't be sexy. A boudoir experience is not about a makeover transformation. It's about you looking like you and feeling like a the amazing woman you are whatever your age, size or time spent in front of the camera. It's about the internal transformation. It's about embracing your authentic beauty. And I'll help you bring that woman forward.

When was the last time you felt your most confident in a photograph?

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